03 Focus with different apertures

Again due to the small sensor size combined with the relatively slow lens attached to the G1X, I shot these images at the widest focal length available and close-up subject help emphasise the change to depth of field as the lens is stopped down. The focus point in this image is the two white flowers just left of middle. Equipment used Canon G1X and a small tripod.

Image 1 taken at f2.8, which is the widest aperture this lens can achieve, clearly has the shallowest depth of field, with very little of the foreground or background in acceptable focus.

Image 2 taken at f5.6, with the lens stopped down a little now at roughly its mid point for this lens (between f5.6 and f8 would be the exact mid point) more of the foreground and background is becoming into acceptable sharpness (circles of confusion). Even though not sharp the fence and house in the far background are far more discernable than in the initial image.

Image 3 taken at f16, which is the smallest aperture this lens can achieve, the foreground foliage is all now at acceptable sharpness and is much of the background foliage. But even at this aperture the bush to the right has not achieved acceptable sharpness. I had expected it would, perhaps if the lens where able to stop down further to f22 this may have been achieved. Even so at f16 you can clearly see the considerably more detail in the background than at f 2.8.

Even though not the most stunning subject of composition my preferred image is number one due to the separation of the subjects due to the out of focus foreground and background.


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