04 Shutter speeds

So for the shutter speed exercise we have an enthusiastic subject riding on her bicycle (thank you Olivia). In the assignment brief it talks about exposures from 1 second upwards, not having access to an array of neutral density filters I had the start at 1/8th of a second, even then at just 50 ISO I was over exposing the scene a little on the first image.

Equipment used Nikon full frame with a zoom lens set at 28mm. Shutter priority mode.

Image 1 – 1/8th of a second. At this speed the subject (even at slow speed) is very blurred to the extent that the background is visible through the subject, offering very little solidity. It is only just possible to make out what the subject is and even the wheels of the bicycle are very elongated looking very elliptical and not round. The complex motion of the spokes has drawn curved arches.


Image 2 – 1/15 of a second. Though still very blurred there is a marked difference in the ‘solidity with less background visible through the subject. The wheels are not so elliptical but the spokes have still drawn arches. I assume due to the complex motion of the wheels in this image.


Image 3 – 1/30th of a second. Far less blurred and for the first time facial features are discernible, as are more elements of the bicycle such as gears and brakes.


Image 4 – 1/60th of a second. Considerably sharper (but not yet good enough) with the spokes no longer looking curved. More detail again visible, now even the transfered name on the side of the frame starting to appear.


Image 5 – 1/125 of a second. With the exception of a small amount of blur on the spokes, the image shows no motion.


From 1/250th upwards all the images were sharp, with no motion blur visible whatsoever for this speed and proximity to the camera.


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