05 Panning with different shutter speeds

To be able to make a direct comparison of the effects of panning vs static camera. I used the same subject and location for this exercise. Again as with the shutter speed exercise even with the camera set to 50 ISO the first two shots at 1/8th and 1/15th are a little over exposed.

Image 1 – 1/8 of a second. Considerable background blur and a lot of subject blur is evident at this shutter speed. Yet compared to the static camera position in the previous ‘Shutter Speed’ exercise the subject (Olivia on her bicycle) is considerably more solid…


Image 2 – 1/15th of a second. Much improved reduction in subject blur but still to high for my preference.


Image 3 – 1/30th of a second. At this shutter speed for this distance and speed of subject this is very close to the ideal combination with good background blur giving a sense of motion and acceptable subject sharpness. Perhaps a little more background blur would be my preference, see the last two shots in the sequence at the bottom of this post.


Image 4 – 1/60th of a second. The subject is sharp except we’re there is more complex motion i.e. the wheels, pedals and legs. The background is still blurred, giving a sense of motion but not so intense as the 1/30th image.


Image 5 – 1/125 of a second. The subject is now sharp, only the complex motion of the spokes shows any motion blur. The background is also acceptably sharp and not giving an impression of movement.


Again as with the Shutter Speed exercise at 1/250 and above the subject and the background are completely sharp showing no motion blur.

For my personal choice shots at 1/25th were the best combination for acceptable subject sharpness and background blur at these speeds and distance. At 1/30th the background blur was not quite as dramatic and below 1/20th subject movement and even some camera shake introduced a little too much blur. Both shots below at 1/25th:



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