07 Object in different positions in the frame

For this exercise I chose a butterfly, so had to work quickly before the subject grew bored and moved on. Equipment used Nikon full frame camera with a zoom lens at 300mm focal length. I took shots positioning the butterfly in various positions in the frame and changed from portrait to landscape just before takeoff!

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3 – Lower left is my proffered position for this subject and I like the compositon of the smaller out of focus mirror image bottom right.


Image 4


Though you cannot see it In the pictures the area I had to work in was tight, limiting ability to move and I was wary of not scaring the subject away if I moved too much, before I had some useable images. I should remember to take pictures of the surroundings to document workspace and approach to the images. Looking back at these shots I should have been more adventurous with focal length and placement of the subject in the frame, though they answer the brief, I could have done more with planning and time with the subject.

That said you have to plan and work quickly with wild subjects, you never know when your time will be up. They say never work with children or animals, they need to add butterflies to the this list.. And just to prove how much I learned from that experience (not) I also tried working with a dark orange ladybird. See images below:

Image A


Image B


Image C – is my preferred shot as the head room in this image, to me, gives a sense of diminutive size and solitude that I felt for the insect when taking the pictures.


Image D – the ladybird had a similarly short tolerance for being photographed..



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