Assignment One – Contrasts

So I am finally submitting Assignment One, its taken a while to get here for too many reasons, hopefully the rest of TAOP will not take quite as long..

Equipment used was a Canon GX1 compact and a Nikon D800 with a 28-300, 50, 35 and 20mm lenses. For the night shots a tripod was used and a number of the city shots were on a monopod.

These images have been built up over a number of trips with a notebook in one hand, a camera in the other and a bag of essentials on my shoulder. Though this has not been without a false starts, I originally started the assignment in Melbourne Market, but after a trip and review of the images in DXO I was not happy with the results or subject matter so changed to the whole city as a location…I like making things easy for myself

Light / Dark

So to the opening images entitled Light and Dark.  These are taken from the same location on different days and took a number of visits before I was happy with the lighting for the daylight shot – evening for the sun to be in the right direction from this location. Also as both are taken at quite a distance atmospherics also played a roll and a number of days haze just ruined any chance of a good image for both the day and night shots. Reproduced here in 16:9 format..


On returning to take the night shots I initially encountered a number of problems which, in hindsight were obvious. The beach from where they are taken is perfectly navigable during daylight  but in darkness is difficult and completely unlit making going slow and working in near pitch black on the first visit proved difficult to even erect the tripod and operate camera buttons and dials I could not see. If it were not for being able to see camera settings on the rear screen this first visit would have proved worthless. On subsequent visits I made sure I had a torch..

These two images introduce the city of Melbourne, which is where the rest of the images where taken (a little closer up ) travelling from the Docklands to the Paris end of the city and across to the Southbank.

Straight / Curved

The next two images represent straight and curved and are deliberately abstract images of the same building, the ANZ head office in the Docklands in fact. This building is truly enormous and has a lot of potential for future visits, one of many locations to re-visit added to a long growing list.


The straight image is taken from a long distance at 300mm from an elevated position to try and get as level a perspective as possible and not end up with heavily converging verticals, keeping the vertical lines as straight up and down as possible. The shot was framed to include the three square pop out windows to the right of the frame.


The curved image was taken deliberately close up and at street level  to help accentuate the curve of this section of the building. This shot was framed to include another set of three pop out square windows, looking more like diamonds due to the angle, this time to the left of the frame.

Few / Many

For few / many the shot is taken of a large apartment building (there are many to chose from) one image showing a few of the apartment balconies and the second . Both are taken from the same location with different focal lengths to first deliberately hide and then show the many…cheating you might say..but its about what you don’t show or how you show it that counts.



Large / Small

One of the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere the Eureka Tower can be see in many of the images on this page and it truly dominates the sky in Melbourne at over 297m and is fantastic for many features. For me there is an insect infestation on the side that eclipse all these, I’m not sure what insect they are but lets call them bees. Sitting on the top of one of the buildings lower extremities is a very large golden bee.


And in an alcove beneath are a collection of smaller, worker bees. Bothe These shots were taken with a long telephoto from an elevated position so I was better able to get the detail of the objects. From ground level these



In context to each other:







Diagonal / Rounded

Diagonal / Rounded for this a rubbish bin caught my interest, not just any old rubbish bin, a recycling one of course made from stainless steal and looking very posh in the new Docklands precinct. The main reason the bin suddenly became the focus of my attention can be seen in the photos. On the side of the bin triangles had been pressed out of the metal for form a pattern, which I have taken to make small diagonals.


On the top was a large round receptacle for cans or bottles, which was also surrounded by round rivets. Out of focus in the background you can also make out the diagonal pattern. Both of these abstract images I consider to work well with a square format…


The bin…


Liquid / Solid


The concrete art work in the docklands (see thumbnail) has ripples or contours across it that to me represent sand on a beach or ripples on water, but could equally be a shell… anyway it is located at the Docklands end of Collins Street next to the Yarra River.


I returned a number of days looking for similar ripples in the water of the Yarra but it was either still or choppy and nothing in between. There must be a better way to photograph water, without resorting to a studio.


High /Low


The Ereka Tower at 296m is by far the highest building in town and dwarfs even the taller buildings by some margin. By comparison the foot bridge across the Yarra at a little over 10m is relatively low.



Hard / Soft

Whilst in the Docklands area I came across this very soft, almost feather like fern which was planted around steel bench seats as you can see in the thumb nail image here.


Definitely one of the more difficult opposites to portray successfully, tyring to impart the texture of the leaves to convey softness and get the steel to look unyielding and hard (and the autofocus to stop jumping around which I eventually put on manual), hopefully I have succeeded.



Broad / Narrow

Looking across the Yarra River to the southern bank you can see a very long broad building following the river and tree line, that even though of considerable size is significantly shorter at 7 stories high compared to it much narrower 40 plus story neighbours.


General notes at this stage in addition to those on my blog. I have learned a lot over the last months, learning how to use my new cameras, lenses and there limitations (or mine). The importance of preparation prior to any photography trip, helping to make it clear what I need to be focussing on in the shots and the equal importance of taking notes whilst working. These help me reflect better on the images I have taken, understand how better to approach the subject on a next trip or identify locations and subjects that may be useful for subsequent assignments.

Preparation from a practical point of view also; what equipment is essential for ‘this’ trip v.s. nice to have ie how much can I really carry for a full day; what is the best route and how best do I travel; what time of day is best for the shot or location; what else other than camera equipment do I need like a torch!, map, tickets, permission.. etc


Those that did not make it…Not because I did not like them or that they did not work, but because they broke the continuity of the city images which I did not want to do.

Pointed / Blunt


Smooth / Rough


Dark / Light


Broad / Narrow



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