21 Real and implied triangles

OK so now all I see everywhere are triangles, real or implied. The brief asked us to produce a number of images of a real and implied triangles explained with each of the images below.

Equipment used for this exercise; Canon compact, Nikon DSLR, 105mm, 50mm and 28-300mm lenses, tripod, 2x speedlight flashes, diffuser box, clamps and lighting stands. All post processing was made with DXO.

Real Triangles

Image 1 – photograph of a real triangle, as you can see a Give Way sign which I found walking the streets of Melbourne for this exercise.


Image 2 a triangle by perspective, taken of a graffiti covered building across from the arts centre. Taken up close to the building corner with a 20mm lens. By far may favourite image for triangles.

Image 3 – an inverted triangle by perspective. So took a bit of thought this one and landed on the shot below. I had also tried looking top down on a number of smaller objects but this had not worked to well as they where too small for the perspective to drop off enough to markedly make a triangular shape. Looking up in most rooms with a wide angle lens, or or course looking down the side of a tall building will produce the sake result..


The thumbnail below shows the pine cabinet as you would normally view it:


Implied Triangles

Image 1 – an implied triangle with the point at the top using three walnuts.


Image 2 – an implied triangle with the point at the bottom, using six glass chess pieces.


This image caused me a number of issues with lighting ( reflection, highlights and shadows ) which I did not resolve to my satisfaction and compounded by the shiny stone surface I was working on. I will come back to lighting again once I have finished Light Science and Magic.

Image 3 – three people in a group, the faces and bodies forming a distinct triangle.


Shots that did not make it..

I had taken a version of the perspective triangle with a 16mm fisheye, however it included so much of the surroundings that it did not produce a clean base to the triangle:

The two thumbnail images are those that did not make the cut, either too static or not quite making the shape:

The original images were also taken on a chess board but I soon realised that the checkerboard pattern of the board was over powering the implied shape.

Sketches from my note book planning the shots:


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