19 Curves

The brief asks for curves with movement and direction, see what we can do..

Equipment used for these images; Nikon DSLR, 105mm micro lens, 28-300 lens, speedlight flash, soft box, lighting stand, white colorama paper, clamps. All post capture in NX2 and DXO.

Image 1 – macro view of a chrome spring from a piece of gym equipment, keeping the DoF low to soften the shape and create a sense of movement, with part of the spring exciting the top right of the frame.


Though not part of the current topic, lighting and reflections become interesting (read difficult) with this type of subject, especially with this type of mirror finish..more on this later.

Image 2 – this is a bike rack in the centre of Melbourne that I found on a recent tour looking for images of for the Elements of Design exercises. To make the shot work i had to get down inside the structrue and use a 16mm fisheye lens. I like the way my eye wants to follow the spiral creating motion in the image.


Image 3 – a little wine anyone? This is one of a number of images I took whilst I was reading Light Science and Magic. The subject matter was quite deliberate for two reasons, one glass had always caused me the most problems and two I wanted to  take a subject that had purpose for this exercise. After a lot of different positioning of the wine glasses and flute I settled on this composition and positioning of the glass. I find the refraction of the overlapping glass makes the eye move between the glasses.


Image 4 – water.. Again another studio setup inspired when reading Light Science and Magic. Though this drop of water was frozen by flash at 1/20,000th of a second the curving ripples and the drop caught mid air scream motion and movement. See my ‘extra curricular’ blogs for more info.



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