20 Implied lines

This exercise is to demonstrate the extension of a line and an eye line in an image. The text asks for a three part answer; 1. to look at two photographs in the course work; 2. look through my images to date and pick three for review; 3. plan and take two more images, an extension of a line and an eye line.

Equipment used; Nikon DSLR and 28-300mm lens, all post capture processing with NX2 and DXO.

Coursework images

course markup

Picked photos

Image 1 – extension of a line

DSC_0725_DxO IMG_0264m

Image 2 – extension of a line


Image 3 – eye line


Image 4 – eye line


Image 5 – eye line


Planned images

Image 1 – eye line, in this image I have beliberately chosen an eye line straight back at the viewer. Leaving the you wondering what they are looking at and also making a connection directly back to the viewer.


Image 2 – extension of a line, the curving line of the long boardwalk and the angled roof of the exhibition centre take your eye to the city buildings in the background.

DSC_4545_DxO YouDoodleDrawing copy


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