17 Horizontal and vertical lines

The brief is simple enough, four shots that contain horizontal and vertical lines, the difficult part is making them the key obvious element of the image to leave not doubt in the viewers mind. Plus we were asked to avoid repeating the way in which a line appears. A little unsporting I thought.

I originally had 8 images that were closeup and though I liked their abstract presentation, they all worked well and their purpose was clear not requiring interpretation. I felt they all looked too similar, so I have gone back and retaken a number of them to have a more balanced set. The ones I replaced can be seen at the end of this exercise.

Equipment used was a Canon G1X, Nikon DSLR, 28-300mm and 50mm lens. All post capture processing in DXO.

Horizontal lines

Image 1 – the shadow of a pergola on stone paved floor creating a long series of lines..


Image 2 – creased fabric lit at a very shallow angle to show the creases in the material to accentuate the horizontal lines.


Image 3 – a relatively small section of a building where metal louvers cut across a window, the faint pattern seen behind the strong vertical lines area reflection of the building across the opposite side of the street.


Image 4 – an apartment block in the docklands area of the city.


Vertical Lines

Image 1 – a grooved wood fence panel spaced with larger vertical gaps between the boards.


Image 2 – a rusting metal grid and its reflection from a Sea pool bath in Brighton, Victoria. IMG_1552_DxO

Image 3 – yacht masts from a local marina with the taller buildings in the city just visible on the horizon.


Image 4 – an iron gate found in one of the graffiti ally ways near the arts centre. Shot with a 50mm at f1.4 to ensure the background was out of focus.


These are the shots that were replaced when I re-shot a number of the pictures: IMG_1553_DxO DSC_4423_DxO DSC_4389_DxO


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