16 Multiple points

Hmm harder than it sounds and it sounded hard in the first place. The idea of the exercise is to create a still life using a number of points, re-arranging the subjects to control the composition, not by chnaging the framing of the camera. Equipment used Fuji camera and tripod. All post camera processing in NX2 and DXO.

DSCF7073_DxO DSCF7074_DxODSCF7075_DxO DSCF7076_DxODSCF7077_DxO DSCF7078_DxO

Due to the thin frames of the glasses the lenses become two points. The colour lines below are to help show the shapes implied by this layout.


After having placed the objects a number of times I decided that they looked too much like they were in two lines, so first I moved the glasses then the wallet to breakup the bottom line and top lines and create the shapes shown in the thumbnail.

DSCF7079_DxO DSCF7080_DxO


Previous attempts… 

I had a number of attempts at this exercise. This was one of those attempts which I felt was to static and not really answering the brief. Ten small polished stones, wooden copping board and a stone kitchen bench. I setup a wooden chopping board and ended up reacting a stone triangle and there was a triangle reflecting off the bench from the light above..

Image 1 – 10 below..


And so the last image completes the third triangle in the image. The two smaller upward facing opposed by the larger more substantial downward facing triangle.

There are multiple lines and shapes I the final image, as noted in the image below:


Shiny surfaces and flash (without a modeling light) are difficult to position and light correctly without making a number of test shots. I hope as I read through ‘Light Science and Magic’ I’ll learn how to do this a little more predictably..


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