23 Control the strength of colour

The purpose of this exercise is to show how you can control the strength (brightness) of colours by adjusting the exposure. These beach side boxes have many primary and secondary colours painted on them and so make good subjects for this exercise.

Equipment used Fujifilm X-e1 camera, tripod and 18-55mm lens, all normal post capture processing was limited to just making a smaller JPEG file for this blog so that the exposure affect can be viewed.

As you can see from the images below they range from -1 stop over exposed, where the colours look ‘washed out’; to the metered correct exposure; then to +1 stop over exposure  where the colours look darker and ‘richer’. 7 photos in all with 1/3 stop change in exposure between each shot.

+1 stop (over exposed)


+2/3 stop


+1/3 stop


Metered (~correct exposure)


-1/3 stop


-2/3 stop


-1 stop (under exposed)


As you can see if you have a more over exposed first image say +2 stops the colours would be very washed out and any more than a stop under exposed say -2 stops the colours would be very dark or ‘muddy’. The better colour rendition for me is at the -1/3 or -2/3 exposure compensation.


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