Robert ParkeHarrison

I have deliberately not read any reviews of their work and have no reference of the series or exhibition these images come form . I say their work as I understand these images are the result of a team effort with his partner Shana. My comments are from my initial impression over the period of a week looking at a selection of images below.

Initially I find the world portrayed in these photographs to be a stark, bleak and depressing place. The monotony of the monotone, grey upon grey, the often single male figure in a shapeless suit struggling with an often seemingly impossible task. With an endless and bleak horizon with typically not a white or true black to be seen in the image. The human subject always at odds with his surroundings.

Then after a period I find myself looking at them differently. Though I still find them dark, there is also humour in the  fantasy of the tasks portrayed . Tying ropes to clouds, strange flying contraptions, huge cogs in the ground being fixed by a man with a over-sized spanner, too name a few.

All rights to images copyright Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. Only used as educational example.



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