New books arrived today…

OK so finally trying to get into other photographers work, I have gone old school, meaning that I have bought books, rather than just look at images over the internet. The images online have helped me choose who to look at, but I want good quality images to review and asses not some low res pixelated copy on the net. So to the books that arrived today are Ansel Adams 400 Photographs, William Klien:ABC and William Eggleston’s Guide.

Ansel Adams 400 Photographs – the one which attracted me right out of the box, a photographer who’s work I have been aware of but never really looked at in detail..but the book I have not put down since it arrived. The book, the writing, the images are just fantastic. I love the graphic quality of black and white, but combined with the majesty of the mountain scenes and the composition of the images are just incredible. If you’re looking for a photographer to review, a good book, or just want to see what truly good Black and White photography looks like, then this has to be top of your list..

I will of course come back around to talk about Ansel’s work in some more detail in due course. As for the two Bills I’ll come back to those at another time…I need to go back to ‘Ansel Adams 400 Photographs’


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