29 Judging Colour Temperature 1

This exercise asked us to take three photographs of the same subject all with the camera set to daylight white balance. One in full midday sun, one in midday shade and the last in last evening sun. Equipment used Nikon DSLR and 28-300mm lens. Post processing in NX2 and DXO.

Full midday Sun


The colour balance here is even with no obvious cast to the image.

Midday shade


Though the image here does not have a heavy blue cast as you could well expect (especially in shade later afternoon). None the less there is a lot of blue value in the image and can be in the shadow area and the subdued colours of the hair and faces.

Late afternoon sun


The most marked change of all three images, with a heavy yellow/orange cast, due to being very late after noon and a tripod required to get a shake free shot. And of course still shooting on Daylight balance.


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