Assignment Three Feedback – Colour

What follows is my tutors feed back, my comments are in blue italics. I am really pleased with the feedback, from my own assessment I know I have some work to do still on other photographers work, the remaining exercises and assignments. But its nice to be on the home straight and getting good constructive feedback.

Overall Comments

Scanning through the submission I can see some strong images. It is always a pleasure to look at a submission which has been created with thought and effort.

Feedback on assignment: Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity 

Colour harmony.

The first image (apart from the colour wheel), is of an orange and blue building. This is well observed and well photographed, with perfect verticals and exposure. This is followed by an image of a green petrol tank against a red door. There are two other red elements and some yellow in the shot and the whole is presented in a well balanced way.

The third photograph shows another orange and blue combination on a sculpture. The close-up image has a strong graphic quality due to the crop. This is a good use of diagonals, and the grouting between the tiles makes for an interesting pattern.

Shot four is well observed and perfectly excuted. You have seen the colour green in the glass, where many would have missed it.

Number five is a simple, yet strong abstract of yellow and red. The helpful supporting image gives it context and shows how you isolated your important elements.

The next shot has more muted colours, but is still a good observation. The ochre and yellow foreground is in harmony with the green background and compositionally the proportions work well.

The image of the waters edge has unusual colours and it’s difficult to see where the yellow colour is coming from, but nevertheless, it is a nice abstract. Without the random red patches in the right side, the image would have been unbalanced and lopsided.

Colour contrast.

The picture of the lady in red walking along the street is the strongest so far and is an example of excellent pre-emptive observation and perseverance. You missed the shot, but made sure you got it on the second attempt.

The vivid red walkway in the next image is another great example of strong graphic abstract shapes and makes for another great colour contrast image.

The blue bikes against the yellow background are well split between the upper and lower parts of the frame, with just a hint of a diagonal. The verticals are a bit out on this one though.

The red lettering spelling out ‘red’ on the yellow background must have seemed like a gift when you found it, and works really well here. Strong shapes and good proportions.

You have another unusual choice in the next image; the yellow circle with blue chairs behind. This is well seen and you have chosen a shallow depth of field which has made the yellow circle stand out against the slightly blurred background. I like it when a photographer spots a picture in a less than obvious place.

Colour accent.

Three very good colour accent pictures here, all working well in their own way. The picture of the shells does have some wonderful examples of yellow ochre’s and slate blues, and there are a multitude of tiny colour accents.


A really good submission showing very clearly that you have developed a good eye and are always on the look out for the right shot. Going down the still life route would have been an easy option and although it would have fulfilled the brief, it would not have helped you see better. A good photographer has to have the attitude of a hunter, actively looking all the time, not expecting the camera to do everything. Too many photographers think that the camera does all the work and it’s only a matter of pointing it somewhere. Your submission shows me that you can see. 

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays Context

Your blog shows that you are busy with your reading and continuing with your exercises. You have put a lot of work in and your commitment is obvious. Some of your exercises have a great number of images and show a thorough working through of ideas.


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