38 Contrast and shadow fill

This exercise had a specific setup required to take the images. Shooting and lighting level to the subject with the light at three feet away at right angles to the camera view, a first image to be taken without a diffuser, then the next with a diffuser attached. There are then five images to be taken with; 1 with white card placed three feet, on the opposite side of the light, three feet away; 2 with the white card half as close; 3 with the dull side of the foil replacing the card; 4 with the bright side of the foils; 5 with the bright foil crumpled.

Equipment used:  Nikon DSLR, 105mm lens, speedlight flash, light stand, white card and tin foil.

Lighting without diffuser


The highest contrasting image by far of the set.

Lighting with diffuser


The contrast has reduced considerably and the shadows softened, the backdrop has also illuminated more by the diffused light.

Lighting with diffuser and white card at three feet


This has filled the shadows reasonably

Lighting with diffuser and white card at one and a half feet


The shadows are clearly filled with more light and detail at this position.

Lighting with diffuser and dull foil


A reduction in the shadows even further.

Lighting with silvered foil


The shadows now are much fainter on the left of the model. This is the most ‘filled’ image of the set.

Lighting with crumpled silver foil


The fill from the reflected light is a little more random here, with some parts bettered filled than others. With the exception of this last shot, which fits between the dull and the silver foil images, these images are in order of most to least contrast.


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