35 Outdoors at night

As the title implies out night images of lit buildings and streets. The brief requested that I try and capture the following shots; floodlit building, brightly lit store front, large interior and raised view onto a road with streaking car lights. All these images are from walking the streets of Brighton for this exercise, with one exception for the large interior which was shot a few days prior in the city.

Equipment used Fujifilm X-pro 1, 18-55mm lens and tripod. Processing with Nikon NX2 and  DXO.

Floodlit Buildings


Half Moon public house is alway a popular weekend watering hole. The main issue here is that the street is not very wide, cars are everywhere and there are awnings on all the shops opposite making it difficult to get the full width of the building in shot, whilst minimising the rest of the unwanted detail.


Brighton North station during a quite time on saturday night. There are so many different colour temperatures at play here I decided to leave it up to the camera.


Bay Street Cinema, the lighting colour on the main wall changes colour frequently and again the building is in a very narrow street . Shot at -2EV  and colour temperature again difficult as there are many types of light at play plus the varied street lights.

Store Fronts

DSCF7931_DxO DSCF7929_DxO

DSCF7935_DxO DSCF7936_DxO DSCF7940_DxO

This series of store fronts where all down Brighton high street. Framing the windows without pedestrians, bollards, bins, car, trees or fencing in the way became a bit of a challenge. All these images where shot between -1 to -2 EV to compensate for the initial meter reading and to hold the highlight detail.

Large interior


The blue on the chrome pillars is from the reflection of the daylight outside, so an effect of colour temperature not a feature of the building.


Trying to hold the contrast between the shadow and lit areas has become a problem here. This was made with the camera set to JPEG perhaps changing to RAW and applying HDR processing would help for subsequent images.

Car lights



Both these shots where taken from a foot bridge late in the day ~10:30pm. It’s not the best part of town at the best of times and after dark gets even worse so speed was of the essence; get setup, shoot, get moving…


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