32 Variety with a low sun

For the low sun exercise there are a number of elements to answer, showing some of the advantages of shooting when the sun is low. Any subject in sunlight can be chosen for the images but they must show four elements; frontal lighting, side lighting, back lighting and edge lighting. Anybody who wishes to do this with repeatable results should look at buying the Sol app for their phone as it gives you accurate timings for the ‘golden hour’ and civil darkness etc. for any location.

Equipment used Nikon DSLR, 28-300mm lens and tripod as required. Image processing in Nikon NX2 and DXO.

Front lighting – sun behind the camera striking the subject fully.

DSC_5876_DxO DSC_5874_DxO

The sun here is very low almost in the water behind me. Trying to keep my inifnately long shadow out of the shot and the sun  glare from the windows has meant keeping very low and slightly to the right. 

Side lighting – with the sun to the left or the right.


With the sun setting over the bay the, west side of the Melbourne CDB buildings catch the last of the light before it quickly disappears, leaving the east side of each in heavy shadow and the lower foreground already dark. Being the tallest the gold top of the Eureka Tower is last to see the end of the days sun.

Back lighting – shooting towards the light.


The sun here is behind and slightly to the left of shot. I did not try punch in an exposure compensation here, instead I spot metered of the models face.

Edge lighting – sun outside the frame, lighting the edge of the subject.


Moving the subject round so the sun is clipping the back right of the model and the hair, creating an edge light. I kept the sun just out of top left of the image to create the halos in the image.


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