33 Cloudy weather and rain

This exercise is in a number of parts; the first to take the same scene in sunlight and under cloud, of two or three different subjects; the second to take three photographs on a cloudy day that make good use of the shadowless cloudy day; the third to take two or more images in rain. These tasks were completed over a number of days, waiting for sun, cloud and or rain.

Equipment used Nikon DSLR, 35mm, 105mm, 28-300mm lenses and a rain coat..

Sun & Cloud

DSC_5834_2_DxO DSC_5838_2_DxO

In the two images above, you can see the contrast is considerably increased in the top (sun) image, with the light highlights and dark shadows, the colours also have more contrast. The sun shot was taken at 1/125 f5.6 and the cloudy shot was 1/60 f2.8 meaning the is three stops difference between the two shots.


In the images above the left (sun) shot has considerably more contrast than the image (cloud) on the right. You can see that the shadows are very soft on the cloudy image and the overall tonal range and colour are flatter.



This image would normally be covered in various shadows from all the trees around the area. However under a cloudy sky you can see the tractor, field and stream without harsh contrasts.


In sun light these flowers would have harsh highlights on their tops and dark loss of detail in the shadow. Normally you would expose for the highlight loosing the details below, under a cloudy sky the contrast is much more even and the detail easier to capture.


During a sunny day it would be very difficult to hold the detail at the top of the building whilst holding the detail in the narrow alley way.



Rainbow over the Melbourne CDB, which can only be created by rain and sun at the same time. A good example of being in the right place at the right time.


In a seemingly never ending shower, these raindrops were beading quite nicely on some reeds nearby. It was so dull that I had to use flash to make them stand out from the reed.

I found this exercise a little difficult due to the disjointed nature of having to use different conditions over many days.


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