45 Rain

For this exercise the brief was a simple one, to produce a single image of rain for a magazine cover . Simple to say, not so simple to do in a single shot. There are many images that spring to mind when I think of rain, but most need rain funnily enough. The half day I had to take the shots was the first sunny day in about two weeks. Murphy’s law clearly has a sense of humour.

So rather than be defeated, I went for an alternative approach on a more macro scale than I had first planned. Having to make my own rain and shooting on a smaller scale.

Equipment used Nikin DSLR, 105mm lens, Nikon Speedlight flash, tripods, reflector, stand, paint tray, hose with a shower spray.


The above was my chosen image of the many I took, feeling it was the most natural looking of the set. My original intention was to produce an image of the water slashing into the tray. But I was not completely satisfied with the results (for this brief at least) and noticed how the water was dripping and slashing in the deck which is why I changed to shooting that instead.

Below are a images of the setup I used to achieve the shots.


To get a shallower angle I had to use a lower tripod for the final shot you see above. This tripod was was too small for my camera and would have toppled if not tethered to my other tripod behind.

These are other images that it liked from the shoot but discounted for various reasons, for this exercise at least:

DSC_6449_DxO DSC_6445_DxO

DSC_6466_DxO DSC_6454_DxO

DSC_6523_DxO DSC_6442_DxO

DSC_6468_DxO DSC_6438_DxO

DSC_6496_DxO DSC_6444_DxO

DSC_6516_DxO DSC_6446_DxO

DSC_6405_2_DxO DSC_6405_1_DxO

DSC_6396_DxO DSC_6399_DxO


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