43 Symbols

The purpose of this exercise is to find symbols for a number of concepts; growth, excess, crime, silence and poverty. No photographs where required for this submission.

Growth : an egg; child to adult single shot or sequence or any baby animal to adult; baby or young of any species; plant growing in a sequence of shots; body building; tumours.

Excess : table full of food; piles of gold, jewels or money; rows of expensive gifts; someone eating with food down their face; obesely overweight images; images of over eating or gluttony; lots of gaudy jewelry worn by a single person; somebody surrounded by a host of superfluous possessions.

Crime : stereotypical burglar; crowbar smashing a window; police at a crime scene; police car speeding through traffic; looting a shop window; fighting on the streets after the pub or a football game; prisoners, prison, prison cells; 

Silence : a still lake; a sleeping child; leaf floating from a tree; fish underwater; early morning scene of a landscape; calm water with or from a boat; sand dunes in a low sun; 

Poverty : shots in Africa, India to name but a few; children in rags; begging on streets; soup kitchen lines; sleeping on streets; poorer urban areas, slums and ghettos; ill health and age; food handouts; care packages; Christian shelters.

Surprsising how many you can think plus there are also many symbols that portray these concepts. There are of course many , many more…


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