44 Juxtaposition

This exercise is to explore juxtaposition in a single shot. I have chosen to take the still life approach for a cover illustration of a book. This took me on a journey of thinking a lot about what to photograph and how. Then I started to also look at book titles and text to see what associations and objects I could find.

Equipment used Nikon DSLR, 105mm lens, tripod, 2x light stands, 2x flashes, roses, fake blood and hard board.


So the title I eventually chose was :

Bloody Valentine


As you can see form the images below I changed the blood pattern, flower position and camera angles many times before I was happy with some of the shots. This image I felt was the most graphic, feeling like I was laying on the floor next to the roses, seeing my own blood on the floor. I also like the reflection of the roses in the blood from this angle. Getting the colour of the blood and the right pattern as not easy and I am still not completely happy with the results. Im told to stop being a perfectionist…below are some of the other images that almost made it from the cutting room floor…

DSC_6905_DxO DSC_6912_DxO DSC_6878_DxO DSC_6883_DxO DSC_6876_DxO DSC_6885_DxO DSC_6887_DxO DSC_6911_DxO DSC_6919_DxO DSC_6884_DxO DSC_6909_DxO DSC_6894_DxO


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